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"Vijayann encourages people to open their eyes to the reality of rape, assault, and sexual violence and do something about it using dialogue and digital media." - Bustle
"Meera Vijayann's TEDx talk helped inspire women to fight against violence and abuse" - The Alternative

Meera Vijayann is an independent journalist and writer who writes on health and gender issues. She has contributed to national and international discussions on the issue of gender rights and violence in India. Her reportage and essays have appeared in Forbes, The Guardian, Entropy, Folks magazine, and other outlets.

In 2013, Vijayann won the CNN IBN Citizen Journalism Award for her reportage of the protests that followed the Delhi Gang Rape. In 2014, her TEDx talk on finding a voice against gender violence was featured on, encouraging survivors of sexual abuse to speak up. In 2017, Vijayann spent time as a Global Journalism fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs reporting how immigration and health policies affect men and women in the US and Canada. 

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